I am a self-taught artist. I dropped out of an art school two years later after entering, which means I do not have any tertiary art education.


My expressive style is mainly in abstract acryl paintings. Besides that, I am active in publishing photo books, novels and essays.


I define ‘art’ as ‘living’. That is why I deal with any phenomena which human beings encounter in life. My art creations are based on Tao-ism.


This entire world is Tao and the appearance of the great existence: God, the Void, and absolute infinity. Human beings are also the creation of the great existence. All things are changed and flow as they are by the possibility and creativity of the great existence.


I try to describe things as they are. I use artificial and technical techniques as little as possible. I directly use colors, styles, and energy, which come out of my inner world in my art works. In other words, my paintings show the hidden world on the surface of the material world.


In photographic works, I specialize in straight photography based on snapshots. Which camera I use, when, where, and what I take is automatically decided by the great existence, which is in synchronicity. I instinctively release the shutter without relying on high techniques.


It is also the same in my literary works. If I feel the great existence or become unified with it, then my works are automatically and inevitably completed.


Generally speaking, I grasp the energy of universe through my six senses and feel it by using my body with my five senses. Then I change it into unknown energy on earth. This energy is love, light and healing. I change this invisible energy into colors, shapes, and words, and show them on earth. The purpose of my art activities is to give mankind hope and light, no matter how little it might be.