1976    Born in Shiga, Japan



【Solo Exhibitions】

2023  "Paradise called Earth (Terra)" Gallery IYN (Osaka, Japan)

2022  "Elementary particles of love" Gallery IYN (Osaka, Japan)

2021  "Road of happiness" JCAT Gallery (Online Gallery)

     "Glitter of Void" JCAT Gallery (Online Gallery)

2020  "New dawn" Gallery IYN (Osaka, Japan)

     "Rainbow tribe" JCAT Gallery (Online Gallery)

2019  "Paradise earth" Gallery IYN (Osaka, Japan)

2017  "New Earth" Art Imagine Gallery (Tokyo) 

     "Creation of a paradise" Shanghai Gallery (Shanghai, China)

2016  "Dream in a Galaxy" Ouchi Gallery (New York)

2015  "My Universe" Shanghai Gallery (Shanghai, China)

          "Indigo Energy" Salon de La' (Tokyo)

2014  "Inner Universe" Shanghai Gallery (Shanghai, China)

          "Brightness of the Galaxy" Salon de La' (Tokyo)

          "ARUGAMAMA" TERADA AMUSEMENT SPACE (Berlin, Germany)

2013  "The World of Takaaki MANO" Salon de La' (Tokyo)

          "New World" Gallery WAWA (Shiga, Japan)
2012  "From the past to the future" Sun-bridge Hotel (Shiga, Japan)

          "Energy transformation" Gallery WAWA (Shiga, Japan)

2011  "Sound of the Universe" Gallery KOJIMA (Shiga, Japan)

          "Experiment studio" Fablica Villege (Shiga, Japan)

2010  "Healing and Instinct" Louvre Echigawa (Shiga, Japan)

2009   "To the earth from the universe" Hikone-City Culture Plaza (Shiga, Japan)

2008  "I mean the Universe" Gallery Ito (Shiga, Japan)

2007  "Fragment of the universe" Hikone-City Culture Plaza (Shiga, Japan)


【Selected Group Exhibitions & Art fairs】

2023  "LOVE Exhibition" Noho M55 Gallery (New York)

2022  "Daegu International Art Fair 2022" EXCO (Daegu, Korea)

           "GIFT Exhibition Vol.2" Creation Cafe IYN (Osaka, Japan)

           "100 cats exhibition on an art night" Kobe Hankyu Department Store (Kobe, Japan)

     "ART JAPAN & TAIWAN in London Exhibition" espacio gallery (London) 

          "Made in Japan Exhibition" Noho M55 Gallery (New York)

          "Art Santa Fe 2022" Santa Fe Convention Center (Santa Fe, USA)

2021 "Art Expo New York 2021" Pier 94 (New York)

2020 "Daegu Art Fair 2020" EXCO (Daegu, Korea)

           JCAT Online Exhibition "WE Part2" JCAT Gallery (Online Gallery)

     JCAT Online Exhibition "BEGIN" JCAT Gallery (Online Gallery)

    "Made in Japan Exhibition 2020 / Feb" Noho M55 Gallery (New York)

2019 "Tourism EXPO Japan 2019" INTEX OSAKA (Osaka, Japan)

          "Autumn paintings & Handcrafts Exhibition" Keihan Department store (Osaka, Japan)

          "Heart colors & Heart shapes Exhibition" Gallery IYN (Osaka, Japan)

          "Flower & Glorious Exhibition" Gallery IYN (Osaka, Japan)

          "ART JAPAN 2019" Brunswick Street Gallery (Melbourne, Australia)

          "ART Santa Fe 2019" Santa Fe Community Convention Center (Santa Fe, USA)

    "Busan Annual Market of Art (BAMA)」BEXCO(Busan, Korea)

          "Art close to you Exhibition" Municipal Ashiya Hospital (Hyogo, Japan)

    "Spring paintings & Handcrafts Exhibition" Keihan Department store (Osaka, Japan)

          "ART TAIWAN & JAPAN" Pier2 Art Center(Takao, Taiwan)

    "Art World in Kyoto" Three star Kyoto(Kyoto, Japan)

    "Sm;)ey Exhibition" Pleiades Gallery (New York)


2018 "Art World in Kobe" Gallery 7 (Kobe, Japan) 

    "Art World in Osaka" Gallery & Space PARADE (Osaka, Japan) 

    "Art Fusion 2018" Jadite Galleries (New York)

          "JAPANISM2" Pleiades Gallery (New York)

     "ART JAPAN in Glasgow" New Glasgow Society(Scotland, UK)

     "WE EXHIBITION" Pleiades Gallery (New York)

           "ONWARD - Navigating the Japanese Future" The Hive Gallery and studios (LA, USA)

     "Le vent du japon" SWAY GALLERY(Paris)

     "Japanese Art Show 2018" espacio gallery (London)

     "TRANSNATIONAL ART 2018" Enokojima Art Culture and Creative Centre, Osaka (Osaka, Japan)

           "JCAT SHOWCASE 2018" One Art Space(New York)

2017  "MOVE EXHIBITION" Shanghai Gallery (Shanghai, China)

           "JCAT Group Exhibition" Atsuko Therapy (New York)

     "Art Fusion 2017" Jadite Galleries (New York)

           "Japanese Pop Art Show" Collingwood Gallery (Melbourne, Australia)

     "JCAT SHOW CASE" Gallery Max (New York)

           "MOVE EXHIBITION in Tasmania" Rosny Shool House (Tasmania, Australia)

           "MILANO BIENNIAL OF ART 2017" M.A.D. GALLERY MILANO (MiLano, Italy)

     "TRANSNATIONAL ART 2017" Enokojima Art Culture and Creative Centre, Osaka (Osaka, Japan)


           "Japan Festival Berlin 2017" URANIA Berlin e.V.(Berlin)

2016   Large picture exhibition "Wrapped" ART IMAGINE GALLERY (Tokyo) 

           "Exhibition of Creative expression artists" DORADO GALLERY (Tokyo)

     "PAINT50 Vol.4" PI gallery (Nagoya, Japan)

     "Contemporary Independent Exhibition" Dohjidai Gallery (Kyoto, Japan)

           "MOVE EXHIBITION in Tasmania" Rosny Farm (Tasmania, Australia)

   "JAPAN NOW 2016" Espacio Gallery (London)

        "MOVE EXHIBITION in Berlin" KUNST GALLERY (Berlin)

     "JCAT SHOWCASE 16" JCAT Gallery (N.Y.)

          "Art Festival Selection Exhibition 2016" THE UENO ROYAL MUSEUM (Tokyo)

          "TRANSNATIONAL ART 2016" Enokojima Art, Culture and Creative Center, Osaka


2015  "MOVE Exhibition in Shanghai" Shanghai Gallery (Shanghai, China)

         "MOVE Exhibition in Istanbul" Besiktas Cagdas Art Gallery (Turkey) 

         "Malta Auction 2015" Cavalieri Art Hotel (Malta)

         "MOVE Exhibition in Tokyo" Salon de La' (Tokyo)

         "Japanese Artist in ROMA Exhibition" Cappella Orsini (ROME)

         "Invitation Artist Exhibition 2015 ~TIME~" ART IMAGINE GALLERY (Tokyo)

    "ART FESTIVAL 2015" Shinagawa O MUSEUM (Tokyo)

         "ART EVENT SHIMANE 2015" Takeshita Art Museum (Shimane, Japan)


         "Japan Festival Berlin 2015" URANIA Berlin (Berlin)

         "Japan Contemporary Art Show" Shanghai Gallery (China)

2014 "Spectrum Miami Art Show 2014" Midtown Miami (Miami, USA)

         "Raison d'etre of art exhibition" ART IMAGINE GALLERY (Tokyo)

    "Paper Art Collection '14.5" ART concept DEN (Berlin)

         "Art Autumn in Berlin" ART concept DEN (Berlin)

         "Salon Art Shopping" Carrousel du Louvre (Paris)

    "ART EVENT SHIMANE 2014" Takeshita Art Museum (Shimane, Japan)

         "2014 Malta Exhibition" Cavalieri Art Hotel (Malta)

    "MOVE in Kamakura" Kamakura Performing Arts Center (Kanagawa, Japan)   

       "Made in Japan" ART concept DEN (Berlin)

    "Paper Art Collection '14" ART concept DEN (Berlin)

         "ARTEXPO NY" PIER 94 (N.Y.)

         "ARTEX NEW YORK" Ward-Nasse Gallery (N.Y.)

         "MOVE Exhibition in Teltow" Teltow city government Hall (Teltow, Germany)

         "Rathnow Station Cultural-Exchanges Exhibition" (Rathnow, Germany)

         "TRANSNATIONAL ART 2014" Enokojima Creats Osaka (Osaka, Japan)

          "MOVE in GINZA" Salon de La' (Tokyo)
 2013 "SPECTRUM MIAMI" Midtown Miami (Miami, USA)

          "BOOM Publication commemorative Exhibition" Wabi-Sabi Garden Gallery (Melbourne)

           "Rathnow Station Cultural- Exchanges Exhibition" (Rathnow, Germany)

     "ARTEX PARIS" Galerie 3F (Paris)

           "Salon Art Shopping" Carrousel du Louvre (Paris)

           "Schmelter Juewelen Exhibition" (Berlin)

           "BERLINER LISTE 2013" KRAFTWERK BERLIN (Berlin)

           "MOVE in Berlin Award Exhibition" Kunstwerk Winkler (Berlin)

           "ARTEX TOKYO" Gallery K & Gallery HINOKI (Tokyo)

            "MOVE Exhibition in Berlin" Gallery DEN (Berlin)

            "Kunstwerk Winkler Exhibition" Kunstwerk Winkler (Berlin)

            "Schloss Chrlottenburg Art Festival" (Berlin)

            "Japan Fair Rathenow Exhibition" Rathenow Culture Center (Rathenow, Germany)

            "Cologne Paper Art" Vulkan-Halle (Cologue, Germany)

            "ARTEXPO NewYork" Pier 92. NYC (N.Y.)

            "Fountain Art Fair N.Y." 69th Regiment Armory (N.Y.)

            "Japan Festival in Berlin" URANIA e.V. (Germany)

2012     "ART GIFT Exhibition" DORADO Gallery (Tokyo)

            "Fountain Art Fair Miami" 2525 North Miami Ave. Wynwood (USA)

            "Seven Virtues / Seven Deadly Sins" Me & Art Gallery (Sidney, Australia)

            "The Exhibition of Creative Expression"Scott Hall Gallery (Tokyo)

            Art messe "Salon-Sanssouci" Metropolis Halle (Potsdam, Germany)

            "Schloss Charlottenburg Exhibition" (Berlin)

            "GOOD ART Exhibition" Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art (Kyoto, Japan)

            "Spinnerei Westwerk" (Leipzig, Germany)

            "Leipzig Spinnerei Germany-Japan Congruence Special Exhibition" (Germany)

            "ART-ZEN, Basel" Blumeninsel Gallery (Basel, Switzerland)

            "Germany / Reipzig Exhibition" Reipzig Japanese House (Germany)

            "Germany / Rathenow Exhibition" Rathenow Arts Center (Germany)

            "Fountain Art Fair N.Y." Histric Regiment Armory (N.Y.)

            "Berlin Art Festival" Gallery DEN (Berlin)

            "Abstraction" Gallery Art Point (Tokyo)

2011    "Art Now Fair Miami Beach" Catarina Hotel (Miami, USA)

           "TORONT Art Festival" LucSculpture (Canada)

           "ART BRANDENBURG" Metropolis Halle (Germany)

           "Chips Exhibition" Yokohama red brick shed (Yokohama, Japan)

           "Gallery DEN Group Exhibition" Gallery DEN (Berlin)

           "EARTH by HEART" Gallery Art Point (Tokyo)

           "Art Style of Contemporary art" ART BOX GALLERY (Tokyo)

           "Mexico Art Award" Gran Salon Vallarta Convention Center (Mexico)

           "Salon des Artistes Independants Du Japon" The International Art Center Tokyo

           "Output From Japan" Crypt Gallery (London)

           "The world exhibition of Contemporary Art Japan - France" Spiral garden (Tokyo)

2010   "The world Exhibition of Contemporary Art Japan - France" Spiral garden (Tokyo)

           "Japan Art Salon Painting Award" The International Art Center Tokyo

           "France Art Award" Conseil General Morbihan (France)

           "FUKUI Thimbhole Art Exhibition" Fukui Culture Center Holl (Fukui, Japan)

           "Nishiwaki Thimbhole Award" Okanoyama Museum of Art Nishiwaki (Hyogo, Japan)

           "America Art Award" Ewing Gallery of Art and Architecture (Tennessee, USA)

           "Salon International de Paris" Le Musse des Collections Privees (Paris)

           "Exhibition of Art and Design Collective Shiga" The Museum of Modern Art Shiga

2009   "Square 25 Exhibition" Galerie Soleil (Tokyo)

            "Salon International de Paris" Le Musse des Collections Privees (Paris)

2008   "Exhibition of Art and Design Collective Shiga" The Museum of Modern Art Shiga

2007   "Light front of" Borderless Art Museum NO-MA (Shiga, Japan)

            "ELEMENTAL FLASH" Unagidani-Sansui (Osaka,Japan)

2006   "The Smell of Home" Borderless Art Museum NO-MA (Shiga, Japan) *Photography





2021  Essay "Chihiro Diary" (Design egg corp.)

2018  Essay "Tweets of Indigo childrenⅡ【New version】" (MANO Publishing)

2018  Essay "Tweets of Indigo children 【New version】" (MANO Publishing)

2014  Photograph collection "Healing Wind" (MANO Publishing)  *Re-publication

2013  photograph collection "Shikoku pilgrimage Ⅲ" (MANO Publishing)  *Re-publication

2013  photograph collection "Shikoku pilgrimage Ⅱ" (MANO Publishing)  *Re-publication

2013  photograph collection "Shikoku pilgrimage" (MANO Publishing)  *Re-publication

2013  photograph collection "Healing Flowers" (MANO Publishing)

2013  Photograph collection "Everyday poetry" (MANO Publishing)

2012  Essay "Tweets of Indigo childrenⅡ" (Nihon Bungakukan)

2011  Essay "Tweets of Indigo children" (Nihon Bungakukan)

2010  Novel "Art Complex" (Nihon Bungakukan)

2009  Novel "Go to Shambala" (Nihon Bungakukan)

2008  The collection of electrophotography "Healing wind" (Dejitaru-Shobo)

2007  Novel "Sadness of indigo children" (Nihon Bungakukan)

          The collection of electrophotography "Shikoku pilgrimage" (Dejitaru-Shobo)

2006  Photograph collection "color fairies" (Nihon Bungakukan)

          Autobiography "Outrageous" (Shinpu-Sha)

          Photograph collection "Depression filter" (Shinpu-Sha)





2019  "ART TAIWAN & JAPAN 2019 "  Abstract prize, The Pier-2 Art Center (Takao, Taiwan)

2018  "Japanese Art Show"  Bronze Prize,  Espacio Gallery (London)

2014  "ARTEX NEW TORK 2014"  Special Prize, Ward-Nasse Gallery (New York)

2012  "Shiga Literary Festival"  Literature Publication Prize (Shiga, Japan)

2009  "The Wind Exhibition 7th"  Wind Gallery Prize (Shiga, Japan)





Kyoto University of Art & Design (Current: Kyoto University of the Arts), Department Synthesis Design, Information Design Course, Kyoto Institute of Art & Design, Information Design Comprehensive Course (dropout)