Takaaki Mano Solo Exhibition "Paradise earth" in Osaka, Japan
















I will hold a solo exhibition in Osaka, Japan.

I fully draw intuition and draw it in automatic.

 I am dreaming of a day when the wave of the earth rises and becomes a paradise.

Time: March 4th (Mon) - April 5th (Fri), 2019       
           11:00 -20:00
Venue: Gallery IYN
Address: WEST Bld. 4F,  Nakazaki-cho 1-8, Nakazaki-nishi 4 chome Kita-ku, Osaka - city, Japan
Inquiries:  Art and Selection (Mail: info@artandselection.com)



















I will participate in the international exchange exhibition held in Takao, Taiwan.


Date & Time: 5-27 April 2019  12pm-6pm

Opening Reception: 6(Sat) April  3pm-6pm

Venue: The Pier-2 Art Center / Young art space